When we speak of “trusted advisors” we are often referring to accountants, lawyers and financial advisors and don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe that’s the role that they play for many businesses. But the truth is I don’t think that these professionals are the ONLY business resources that can or should assume the moniker of ‘trusted advisor.” I mean, take me, for instance 🙂

I work hand-in-hand with my clients helping them to shape the most cost efficient, effective and results-driven marketing programs that they can. My piece of the puzzle is centered on promotional products but I examine and strategize with them about the other aspects of their marketing as well.

I understand the importance of lawyers, accountants and the like but without the marketing and sales that must occur a company might not have a need for such professionals. No customers, no revenue and ultimately no business.

So yes, I really do consider myself a trusted advisor:

  • Clients share their intellectual property with me
  • Clients confide in me about their upcoming brand extensions and anticipated campaigns
  • Clients turn to me for creative ideas and help in growing and sustaining their business

Most of them are not looking for a one hit wonder but rather an ongoing relationship with a company that can help them to grow their business for the long haul. Someone to offer ideas and insights and be a sounding board for their marketing plans. You might say, they’re looking for a trusted advisor!

Yep that’s me…trusted advisor!