In an overwhelming sea of similarity and at a time in which everyone is receiving thousands of marketing messages every day how do YOU stand out from the competition?

It’s a tough question isn’t it?

Many of us are in highly competitive businesses with competition from companies right in our own back yards as well as from global competitors that market to our prospects and clients via the Internet.

At times it can be very daunting but having competition doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful. What it does mean is that you must develop your own competitive advantages and create points of differentiation. 

Here are some important things for you to consider:

Your clients must desire your points of differentiation.

It is great to be unique but not if your prospects don’t view your points of differentiation as beneficial or an improvement to their current situation. Being different just to be different is a sure path to ruin and it’s up to you to explain your key benefits by using transition phrases such as these:

  • What that means to you is
  • Ensuring you of
  • Therefore you’ll be able to

By using transition statements you will help people to see the value and benefit provided by your feature differentiators.

YOU make the difference if your company provides a product or service that is considered a commodity

You may have lots of competition in your business category but there is just one YOU.  Consider how YOU go to market. Do you strive to go over and beyond client expectations (Hint: “meeting” client expectations is nothing special!) and position yourself as a valuable resource (not a commodity) so that your client can’t even consider doing business with someone else? Remember that vendors are a dime a dozen and can be replaced; business resources work with their clients as a partner and replacing them is much more difficult,

Consider doing some market research to uncover the features and services your market wants and needs.