How many emails do you get per day? How about snail mail?

Quite a difference between the two, isn’t there?

I don’t know about you, but most days it feels as if I am drowning in email. The chirps and pings that signal the arrival of new mail never seem to stop, and no matter how hard I try to ignore them, my attention is always redirected to my computer or phone. I know there are people who check their email just twice a day; I also know that particular approach wouldn’t work for my time sensitive, client driven business.

I believe all of us suffer from email overload. We get too much, it tends to keep us wired 24/7, and while much of the time we appreciate the speed and convenience of email, it can make us resentful as well. Given the heavy burden that comes from receiving too much email, should we be using it to say thanks, show appreciation and gratitude or simply to make a personal outreach or, is there a better way?

Many business people swear by the handwritten note and do so for some very important reasons. A handwritten note can do the following:

  • Make the recipient feel important
  • Show interest and involvement
  • Communicate gratitude and appreciation
  • Help you to stand apart from the competition
  • Reinforce an existing relationship
  • Nurture a new relationship
  • Reactivate a dormant relationship
  • Correct a misunderstanding
  • Increase employee loyalty

You can use email to convey the same thoughts and feelings, but a handwritten note makes the communication seem more sincere and personal. In today’s highly frenetic business world, where relationships are forged with a swipe of the screen or 140 characters, the handwritten note delivers your message in a much stronger way than can be communicated electronically.

Think about it. Purchase some personalized note cards and keep a stack of them on your desk and see how often they can be used when you want your words to get noticed.