Have you ever had any of these internal conversations? I hope not but at some point or another, you quite possibly have:

Gee I’m having some cash flow problems?

Well, it’s okay, I can just pay ________later.

I messed up and now I need the work done sooner.

Well, it’s okay. If they want to keep my business they’ll just have to do it.

Let’s see how much information they’ll give me for free.

It’s just their time, right?

It’s crazy really because in these situations we’re the customer and in others, we’re the business resource (aka vendor) that has to execute the work.

Let’s look at it this way:

Our BR’s (business resources) are the people to whom we turn when we need things done. Our requirements and the work that they provide to satisfy them are what they do to earn revenue. If we believe that they are charging us a fair price, why would we try to pressure them to do it for less?

We want their very best work and understand that some projects can take more time than others. Why would we pressure them to get it done sooner if we know that a certain amount of time is required to do an excellent job.

We all have bills. Assuming we can just pay a BR later than the invoice due date is assuming that they don’t have cash flow issues to deal with as well.

So where am I going with this? I’ve found myself in the position of being rushed, of dealing with delayed payment, with being asked to do something for nothing.

It doesn’t feel good and it simply isn’t fair. Here’s the rules of engagement for working with a business resource:

Treat your BRs the same as you treat your clients. Be fair and ethical, don’t make unnecessary demands and show consideration for their time and effort.

If you must push for an earlier deadline or change the job specs in any way that will impinge negatively upon the client, do something that shows your appreciation.

Maintain excellent and open communication so that everyone is on the same page and is working with the same set of expectations. Good communication is the key to success in a complex business relationship.

So next time you hold back payment to one of your business resources or make an unreasonable demand, remember that in other circumstances, you’re a business resource too.  The old cliché “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” should drive your actions.