Most of us with a full-time job spend more of our waking hours at work than we do in pretty much any other activity. Eight hours per day at the office plus the time spent getting ready and commuting means that feeling fulfilled and satisfied with your work should be extremely important. Yet most surveys and reports indicate that employee dissatisfaction is incredibly high resulting in decreased productivity at work and increased stress both on and off the job.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are some relatively simple things that you can do that will result in greater fulfillment at work. These include:

Reconsider the way you think about your job.

Step back from your job and try to look at it in a different light. You accepted your current position for any number of reasons but evaluate your circumstances and instead of looking at “why” you took the job think about:

  • What you are learning in your job
  • How can your current position help you move forward in your career
  • What does your compensation mean to you in terms of security and comfort
  • How might you be able to maneuver through the organization and achieve more
  • What aspects of the position do you most like

By concentrating on the positive rather than on the negative you will find yourself feeling more fulfilled and even optimistic about what lies ahead.

Become an expert in a specific aspect of your work

Being recognized as a subject matter expert means that you become the “go-to” person for this type of work either in your company or for your circle of business contacts. This level of expertise can make your job much more rewarding and let’s face it, recognition of this sort can be quite an ego boost as well.

Look for ways that you can “add” to your job

It’s difficult to be fulfilled if you feel stifled and held back in your position. This is exactly the time when you should take action. We can easily become discouraged if we feel bored and disinterested with the work that we are doing. This personal “unrest” can cause us to basically settle into the status quo and will undermine our energy and enthusiasm for what we are doing. By taking the opposite approach and bringing it to the attention of your Manager or clients that you want more or different work, you are opening yourself up to new challenges.

Your job might not be perfect but there are frequently ways in which you can improve your situation. Don’t become so disenchanted that you allow yourself to settle in and be dissatisfied. Face facts – it just might be time to begin searching for a new position. It’s in your hands!