When are the little things not so little?

  • When they show your appreciation and gratitude
  • When they say “thanks” and the “thanks” was truly unexpected
  • When it comes “out of the blue”
  • When the gesture (item, invitation, etc.) so totally “matches” the person to whom it is sent that they are “tickled pink”

Little things, hah!

These little things can help you to stand apart from your competition, can make the difference between you being remembered or not, your brand being recognized or not, your business contacts (clients, prospects, vendors, referral sources) being loyal…or not.

The act of saying thanks with a tangible item, something that is well conceived of, appropriate and yes, even unexpected, can do all of this for you.

The investment is modest, the returns are great and so although it might be a little thing, it has much more impact.

Call me and let’s discuss how we can help you turn little things into big results.