Let’s face it – we’re all bombarded with an overwhelming volume of sensory input each and every day, and the truth is that we rarely get to turn it off. Calls and messages come in 24/7 alerting us by the telltale chirping of our phones and tablets. There are endless options on the TV and radio and you can customize your listening and viewing too. Your competition is no longer limited to your immediate locale; heck, your biggest competitor can be 10,000 miles away yet in daily communication with your neighbors in your office park.

Yes it’s difficult to stay visible in this highly cluttered world but don’t throw in the towel just yet. There are several tactics that can keep you front and center and on the radar screen of your clients, prospects, referral sources and networking contacts.

For your consideration:

Continue to add value to the relationship even if “real” business hasn’t been transacted yet

Staying on the radar screen during a long sales cycle or with the volume of networking contacts and referral sources that you’ve accumulated over time can be a challenge. “Checking in” with them is a sure way to prompt them to delete your emails and let your calls go into voice mail. Instead why don’t you insure your visibility by using the three I’s – introductions, invitations and information. Help your contacts and add value by making important introductions, inviting them to events or networking meetings or sending them a link to an article or video of interest thereby proving to them that they are top of mind.

Create small power partner networking get-togethers comprised of the key players with whom you want to stay in contact

Networking events and meetings are great but it is easy to get tied up in conversation with contacts that might not be able to add much value to your business life. Why not create smaller and more intimate get-togethers with 6 or 8 people where the conversation can be more meaningful and the opportunity for introductions is more substantive.

Develop a content rich newsletter that enables you to “touch” all of your contacts on a regular basis

Newsletters provide you with an excellent way to “touch” your contacts and add value as well. Create content that is informative and beneficial and not simply self promotional and you will have an excellent tool to stay on the grid. The content can also be repurposed on social media platforms helping to add to your visibility.

Of course, I’d certainly be remiss if I didn’t suggest the use of promotional products as a highly effective tool to stay visible and branded and keep your name in front of your contacts. Effective promotional products have “staying power” and are appreciated by the recipients. Too many options and don’t know what to choose? That’s where Family Affair Distributing can help.

No matter what tactic you decide to do the important thing is to make sure that you choose to do “something.” By sitting on the sidelines you can be certain that your name will fade and the competition will take your place.