Summertime and the livin’ is easy or is it? Work goes on, you have client deadlines and a sales pipeline to maintain. It’s business as usual but I’d like to make a suggestion – why not “mix it up” just a little.

Summer is a great time to show some love for your clients, prospects and top referral sources. Here’s why:

It’s random

The holiday season that starts with Thanksgiving is filled with parties, gifts, cards and other shows of appreciation. Many people even approach the season with a sense of dread knowing how much time and energy they will spend on the holidays, but summer, not so much. Summer provides you with the opportunity to stand apart from your competition and become more visible, and a promotional item that is tied to summer fun is useful while still reinforcing your name. Think about branded suntan lotion, a Frisbee, beach towel or any other items that signify summer.

It’s midyear

I hate to say it but we’re heading towards the end of second quarter and if you’ve been making any excuses why you haven’t met your goals, now is the time to push the excuses to the side and develop tactics to help you along. Staying on the grid and making certain that your clients, prospects and referral sources don’t forget about you is critical and a summer-themed promotional item is a good way to stay on the radar screen.

It’s original

Many business people give promotional items that are used in the office and I readily agree that’s a terrific strategy BUT let’s get creative. Summer is special. It might be business as usual but we all know that the long days and sultry weather feels like a sort of rebirth and sending something that supports that feeling is always well received.

And don’t forget that there are very cost effective items that you can send to a broad base of contacts that can help you to be visible but don’t come close to breaking the budget.

Come on now, send some summer love before it’s time to do your 2016 holiday shopping. Stand out, be visible and leverage the power of the season.