I think the majority of companies would say something like this:

Sure ALL of our customers are important. We treat all of them well and provide excellent customer service to each and every one of them. 

At the very same time I think that most companies would agree they have customers that if not more important, are recognized as representing a significant percentage of the company’s business.

Now I would hope that the majority of your business doesn’t rest with just one or two clients and that there is a more even distribution. But still, some clients are, well, more important.

And so since we can admit to this fact we should in fact, say thank you to these very special customers in ways that stand apart from how we thank our other customers.

A special client appreciation gift?  An ongoing client appreciation program with an item sent to their offices monthly or quarterly? An item that is perhaps priced higher than the other items that you buy in volume?

I don’t know the answer that works for YOU because every situation is unique. What I do know is that saying thank you to your BEST customers is one way to be certain to keep your BEST customers. Thank you doesn’t substitute for an excellent work product or unbeatable customer service. It is over and beyond and special and perhaps that is exactly what makes it as important as it is.