A few weeks ago I went to dinner at a terrific Mexican restaurant. I heard that the food was awesome and the ambiance even more so and I was excited as I settled into my seat.


My husband and I opened our menus and realized that we couldn’t possibly make sense of what was written. The type was too light and small but most of all the lighting in the room was incredibly dim…way too dim for us to be able to easily read our menus.


We noticed many other diners around us having the same problem and most of us pulled out our smartphones and the room was lit with everyone’s flashlight app. Technology saved the day and we were able to place our order.


The situation got me thinking. What a wonderful opportunity for the restaurant to have a small logoed flashlight at every seat, a take-away from the evening along with the memories of yummy food and awesome margaritas

Business Promotion Success

These flashlights are incredibly handy and can be attached to a key ring so that there’s an available light when you are trying to open your door.


Great opportunity for a very small amount of money (certainly less than the mark-up on that margarita!).


So tell me, are you passing up any of these golden opportunities to stay visible?