You don’t have to thank everyone! Okay, maybe you do (!), but think about it, don’t you have one, five, ten, fifty individuals that have helped you in your business, with whom you just might not have been able to do without, that you respect and admire to the highest degree.

These people, these very SPECIAL people, DESERVE to be recognized and acknowledged.

It’s not all that difficult to show your appreciation and to give them something that resonates and reflects your brand.

An item that they will use daily, that sits on their desk, that has aesthetic appeal…all of these are available for you. And when you are thinking about these special “someones” your price point can go just a wee bit higher than when you are buying a much larger quantity.

We live in a world of customization. Digital printing, Starbucks (I’ll take a vanilla latter, extra hot with a double shot of espresso), it’s a have it YOUR way kind of world.

So why treat ALL of your clients or referral sources the same? It’s okay to recognize some as being more valuable than others. (It doesn’t mean that you treat anyone badly!)

So think about your “inner circle” and how you can show them just how important they are to you.

And this doesn’t have to be a “holiday” gift either.  An unexpected show of appreciation at an unexpected time can go a long way in enhancing an already fantastic relationship.

Need some ideas on what to get? We’re here for you!