The promotional products industry is highly competitive and frankly, the competition has done as much to hurt the consumer as to help them.

Here’s why.

Sure the competition means that you can go online and shop around (endlessly actually) but really, who has the time and energy to troll the Internet and see picture after picture of products that may not even reflect positively on your company. As for comparing quality and service, well, those are even more difficult to ascertain online.

Here’s what you should look for in a promotional products company.  Accept nothing less!:

  1. The company should (must!) be willing to have a substantive conversation with you and not expect that you will do everything on your own and online. The person to whom you speak should be knowledgeable and have some business savvy. This is opposed to a customer service rep located in a remote city or country that has little if any business background and is simply reading from a script.
  2. The company must be able to consult with you and help you to uncover which product/s might be the most effective and suitable for you to use; one/s that will positively reinforce your brand and be absolutely perfect for the circumstances in which you want to use the product.
  3. The company must be able to think out of the box and have the experience and confidence to let you know that what you “think” you should be buying is actually not the very best item for you to select. (Takes some gumption!)

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