I’m a marketing professional and a firm believer that all businesses need to engage in some sort of marketing to generate recognition and visibility. And although I am very partial to promotional products (!) I appreciate the fact that there are a myriad of marketing strategies that can be deployed to help build a business.

So yes, marketing is critical but I also know that marketing is not sales. Here’s what I mean:

  • Lets face it. You can have a totally stellar marketing campaign and not generate the sales results that you desire.
  • Marketing sets the stage; sales goes in afterward to deliver the lines and get the part, uh, project.
  • A great salesperson does better when there is great marketing to support their efforts.
  • Marketing presents the benefits and starts the persuasion process. Sales closes the deal.

I understand that in today’s digital world many sales are made without any human intervention, occurring instead with a click to buy that might make the salesperson unnecessary.

If you are in that type of business then your marketing must do all of the work for you. But if you’re not, if you still require sales reps to pitch business and reinforce your brand promise, then you must pay attention to both of these critical elements of successful business building.

Marketing AND sales. When well integrated they provide for a much higher response and return on investment than when you deploy them in a more singular manner or avoid one altogether.

I’m happy to chat in more detail about marketing and if you need any suggestions for sales support or resources, I can provide them as well.

The best time to start is NOW!