I have to admit that I love this season. Fall weather, colors, sights and sounds of impending holidays that are (hopefully) filled with good cheer.  I know many of my clients are busy with family oriented activities and diversions. Me too!

But in the midst of finding the “perfect” gift for a family or friend, it’s also the time to think about who in your professional life should be acknowledged and thanked as well. (Yes, it’s THAT time!)

  • A vendor that rushed a job for you?
  • An employee that went the extra mile without expecting anything in return.
  • A networking contact that not only made an introduction by email but took the time to phone the contact and cement the introduction.

All these and more deserve special recognition; something thoughtful that shows you appreciate the role that these folks play in your life.

Sure you can troll the Internet for solutions but seriously, do you have the time?

At this very busy time of year you need to look to trusted resources to provide their insights and expertise.  Sure, we at Family Affair would love to assist you but if not us well then, a trusted firm that will take the time to not simply push out the “item of the moment” but will seriously explore each and every situation and help you to pick that unique gift that will make the recipient feel as special as they are.