I went to a great restaurant the other night. Really beautiful room, comfortable seating, great ambiance and well, not enough light.

Sure some of us had the flashlight app on our mobile devices and yes, we could have turned the menu this way and that in order to catch the candlelight.

But we didn’t have to do any of that because at each table the restaurant had placed several small flashlights (with their logo of course) for each of us to use when ordering and then to take home as their gift.

What a great idea.

First off the flashlight saved the day at my table as we were all about to point to something (anything!) on the menu and say I’ll take that, not really knowing what that was.

But we didn’t have to. The flashlight saved the day, er, dinner and then we were able to attach the flashlight to our key chains or put it in our purses and go home with a handy and useful object that would remind us of our fabulous meal every time that we use it.

Simple, right? Yes very simple, not terribly expensive and a wonderful way for the restaurant to show diners that they had everything under control.

What about in your business? Is there something that you can offer to your customers to show them that you’ve thought of everything and to help them remember who you are and what you do?

Not sure of the right item? Give me a call and I can work with you to come up with the very best selection for your business.