Well here we are. We’ve turned over a calendar page and now find ourselves in a new year filled with big bold opportunities, new endeavors, big things to accomplish….or not.

It always amazes me how there is such incredible “hoopla” about the New Year. What does it all mean anyway, for really, all that we’ve done is turn the page on the calendar?

So actually it’s all in your head because you can make these very same changes and improvements any old day in any old month. Want to look at new marketing initiatives?  Heck February 7th is as good a day as any. How about saving more money? March 4th seems like a good day to deposit that check instead of cashing and spending it!

You get my point.

It’s the New Year and so what. Positive change can be started at any time, you just have to make a commitment to do it.

We know that a high percentage of resolutions made at the New Year never get accomplished and are broken before they have much of a chance to “stick.”

Having “sticky” resolutions is what it is all about.

So here’s an idea. Why not identify two or three things that you want to change. Chances are that you’re reading this after January 1st and it doesn’t much matter because change can happen at any time.

Do the following things:

Create your action plane for success. Make certain it is achievable. It can be a “stretch” but if it is too far out of the realm of possibility, then it probably won’t be sticky.

Take small steps towards your desired goal and measure your success along the way. For example, let’s say that your resolution (goal) is to do more prospecting for new business. If you attempt to go from zero to 100 calls per day with no intermediary steps in-between, you’ll probably fail. If you try to accomplish 20 calls each day and slowly build up to 100 you’ll have a more certain chance of success.

Reward yourself when you reach each plateau. Nothing feels better than a congratulatory reward to keep you on your path.

Don’t stop just because you stalled for a while. Sometimes we slip and our forward progress gets stalled. Be easy on yourself and recognize that it’s your goal and how you “run your race” are entirely up to you. A slowdown doesn’t mean that you have to stop for good.

Can Family Affair help you with any of your resolutions, say, stay in better touch with your prospects and clients! All kidding aside, Happy New Year and I hope this will be a great year for all of us.