Can you believe it? Spring is finally here.

The days are longer, the weather warmer, the birds are singing and you are busy at work building your business, right?


I sure hope so.

Second quarter can play a big part in helping you to grow your business. The winter doldrums have passed and everyone jumps into these months with renewed vigor and energy.

Trade shows and business expositions are back on the calendar, sales appointments aren’t subject to the capriciousness of winter weather and overall there seems to be a renewed sense of optimism.

This is the “season” to make it happen because come June you will start to experience the obstacles of selling in the summer (summer vacations, summer work schedules, summer laissez-faire attitudes) and the ability to assertively grow your business becomes more difficult.

So what’s a business builder (that’s you) to do? Here are three action steps for you to take immediately before more time passes by:

1. Renew your commitment to be a PROACTIVE business developer. It’s great if you get all of your business through referrals but imagine what could happen if you proactively reached out to the marketplace for new business. Develop a strategic prospecting program taking in mind your desired ROI, target prospects, methodology, etc. (Need help developing a lead generation project? Chat with me and I can help you with resources and more!)

2. Remember to mine the gold in your database. Your fastest business growth will probably come from your existing clients. Make sure that all of your clients know about ALL of your products and services and conversely, continue to ask them questions about their business growth plans, potential new hires and anything else that might lead you to increased business.

3. Assess your marketing efforts. Take a close look at your marketing initiatives and see what is working and what is not and then take the necessary steps to fine-tune how you are reaching out to your prospects and clients. There are many tools at your disposal and an integrated program always works better than a stand-alone.

Make a plan and start the business growth wheels turning BEFORE you stop to smell the roses. There’s time to do that but for now, in 2nd quarter, it’s time for action!