Let’s face it, for better or worse, our smart phones now play a critical role in our lives. Personal or business, it hardly matters because if you look around in a restaurant or even while walking on the street, many (most!) people are staring at their tiny little screens or feverishly pecking away on their keyboards. (I told you it was for better or WORSE!)

We have apps galore (some of them are actually valuable!) and we keep in constant contact by text, phone and email and that’s often a good thing as well.

Yes, it’s mostly good until we find ourselves with a misplaced phone, and funny enough, one of the places that our phones most often get misplaced is on our very own desk.

You know the situation. You come into the office and place your phone on your desk. Time passes by, papers are shifted around, folders get opened and before you know it your phone is buried somewhere and you can’t put your hands on it to make that all important call. You feel around, waste precious time and ultimately you locate the phone but not before you start to get stressed.

This very same thing happens at home when you put your phone on the kitchen counter or dresser or some other surface that often gets covered with other objects and documents.

This is where one of our most popular promotional products can help. There are some very clever little smart phone stands that keep phones vertical and visible and so there is no longer any risk of “losing” our phones after they are placed on a desk or counter.

The phone remains in sight and within handy reach and best of all this product is very cost effective.  Your clients, customers and referral sources will find it incredibly useful and of course each time they reach for their phone they’ll see your name and logo.

I’d say that is a win-win-win situation, wouldn’t you?

For more information about the stands please connect with me at contactus@familyaffairdist.com or 516.797.8770.