Do you remember when email first came on the scene? I do.

Backs then (in 1993) our inboxes were rather sparsely filled and there was an almost palpable sense of excitement when we heard the little email ping with the associated “you’ve got mail.”

Ah yes, the good old days.

Fast forward 22 years and now we have a massive volume of articles and seminars on how to effectively handle email overload. Yep, we’ve progressed from a time when checking email was a pleasurable activity to one that is now approached with a sense of dread. We simply get too…much…email!

And that’s exactly why handwritten notes delivered through the USPS have so much impact. And why handwritten? It’s personal and special and conveys an exclusivity and intimacy between the sender and the recipient. Can you do that with email? I’m afraid not.

In this day and age of digital communication here are some instances when a handwritten note would be the better choice:

Thank You
Many things can prompt a “thank you” message. A job interview, a great lead, help with a project or any of a hundred things that call out for a show of gratitude and acknowledgement.

A condolence note expressing your sympathy and support can help comfort someone that is grieving and can help them to feel that they are not alone.

Catch Up
Staying visible in today’s highly cluttered world is a mandate so that your prospects, clients and referral sources don’t “forget” about you. Sending a handwritten note to express your appreciation for their business or friendship can go a long way to get or stay on their radar screen. (Consider including a promotional product in your mail as well!)

Here’s an idea. Purchase stationary that is customized with your name. Keep some of these notecards on your desk and place some in your briefcase as well. That way when right situation for a note arises you’ll be ready and prepared with all of the tools that you need. Have some stamps available as well and you’ll be all ready to go.

I have no doubt that you’ll receive many positive acknowledgements of your note and best of all you can be confident that your message will help you to stand out from the crowd.

And that’s what you want, right?