Crazy isn’t it. We all have these supposed time saving devices, apps and the like and now more than ever it seems that we are critically in need of more time.

Perhaps it’s because the Internet has made us a global community that never sleeps and with business churning 24/7 we feel as if we must keep pace. Or perhaps it’s because the technology that we take with us everywhere we go eats away at our time rather than giving us more if it.

Whatever the cause may be here are 5 ways for you (and me) to save time:

Ditch the technology at least at some points in the day. Continually checking email and social media negatively impacts your productivity. These distractions also make it more difficult to maintain a fluid train of thought and produce coherent work. If you find Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to have a very seductive pull during the day make sure you set a time schedule and alarm and stick to it. No cheating!

Delegate. Chances are you might be doing more than you should. Examine your work processes and determine if there are things that you can outsource to outsourced business resources or other staff members. Stick with your core competencies and assign some tasks to others. For example, you can take hours and maybe even days researching promotional products or you can ask Family Affair to do it for you!

Not every task deserves the same amount of effort. I’m not saying that you should be a slacker or provide unacceptable work but I am saying that if some tasks are accomplished to a 90% level that may be more than good enough and leave you the time to either attend to other responsibilities or to devote extra time to something that is more essential. Don’t obsess over everything. Know when good enough is really good enough.

Bundle your tasks. Jumping from one thing to another is a real time waster and makes you much less efficient. Make a plan of action the night before and stick to it. Of course there can be work emergencies that pop up during the day but for the most part the plan that you set is your road map for the day.

While multi tasking is truly a myth there are some things that you can do at the same time and not jeopardize the results.

For instance, if and when you find yourself on hold take the time to straighten your desk or delete some emails. How about waiting for something to boil or heat in the microwave? That’s a great time to do a few simple chores, open some mail or even a few squats or leg lifts. The fact is that you don’t have to spend inordinate amounts of time on certain things to get some results and save a little time as well.

Stop trying to do so much. Many people take on much more than they can reasonably do. Are you one of those people whose hand shoots up when a committee asks for a volunteer? Are you considered the “go-to” person for just about everything? Save time by relinquishing some of these activities. Think about what doesn’t provide satisfaction or an activity that someone else can easily execute as well as you do. You’ll find yourself amazed by the extra time that you gain just by giving up some of what you do.

So there you go. The real answer is to acknowledge that time has gotten away from you and take the steps to change up the situation. Don’t say you’re going to do something…just do it!