I love my company, clients and the business resources with whom I network on a frequent basis.  But let me tell you whom I love more and that’s my family because truly, without their love and support I feel as if I would be lost. I know that’s a bold statement but really, it’s how I feel.

And being a wife and mother has taught me much that I put to work in my business each and every day.

For instance:

Patience.  Every wife and mom knows that the key to successful and stress-free (well almost stress-free anyway) family interactions is patience. (Mmm, same is true in business, yes?)

Persistence.  You don’t give up on your family and you always have their back regardless of how long it takes them to accomplish what they set out to do.  (Mmm, you have to be pretty darn persistent in business too!)

Cooperation.  We might not always agree in my household but we darn well know that we have to cooperate to get something accomplished for the good of all. (Without cooperation businesses lose time and lose money!)

Communication.  In our family good communication is key. Sure we have some bumps in the road but if we can talk it out we always come to an agreement with which we all can live. (Good communication is paramount in business too.)

Of course I could go on and on but you get the point, right?

Deploy the same traits that you do in your family and your business will thrive too.