Are you busy? I bet the answer is yes! For many people their day starts very early and continues until late at night. Our calendars are jam packed with things that we MUST do along with things that we LIKE to do however when you put both together we get buried under “schedule overload.” Couple that with being connected 24/7 and it’s apparent that quiet time has fallen by the wayside. That’s too bad because we all need it more than ever.

Quiet time has many benefits:

  • It helps you to recharge your batteries
  • It reduces stress and helps you to gain clarity
  • It enables you to establish priorities
  • It makes you feel more at peace

Busy or not quiet time should be an integral part of everyone’s daily routine.

Here are a few things that enable me to find fit some quiet time into my frenetic schedule. Maybe it can work for you as well.

I’m not rigid

Sure I’d like to have a schedule for my quiet time but for me I know that’s impossible. Client emergencies and other important commitments can get in the way of any sort of pre-set schedule and so I find that being flexible is a much better plan. Rather than getting frustrated because I can’t keep to my “quiet time schedule” I carve out 5-10 minutes each day when it is most convenient and I’m able to tune out and decompress. And you know what, it feels good no matter what time of day I can fit it in.

Location, location, location

Once again being rigid is not the best strategy for me. Five minutes staring out the window and looking at the scenery, having a cup of tea and sitting quietly in the kitchen, taking a few moments to just walk around outside are all quiet times for me. The more I get specific about where I should be fro my quiet time the more I feel like it is a chore.

Notice the results

We live in such a frenetic world that it’s possible that the small changes that are brought about by introducing some quiet time into your life might not be immediately noticeable. For me, I know that I feel less stressed and overwhelmed. The little break helps me to refocus and attack the tasks that lie ahead with renewed energy and vigor.

Why not give it a try? I was skeptical at first but I’m a firm believer now.

How do you carve out quiet time?  Do you have a special time of day? Share your ideas with me and I’d be happy to include them in an upcoming newsletter. There’s no better time to start than now!