• You’re a receptionist and the first impressionist for the company. 
  • You’re in accounting and speak with clients about their invoices. 
  • You’re an account executive and work with clients to implement their projects. 
  • You’re the owner, President, chief of everything and you do all of the above and more.

Yes, everyone is in sales.

Clients are the lifeblood of an organization. Wooing and winning them is the name of the “game;” wowing and retaining them is what we must do to remain profitable. A revolving door of clients is a sure sign that there are problems in the company.

So what must you do to establish and nurture a client centric organization:

Make winning new clients a mandate

Having a robust sales pipeline is important even when business is going well and you are busy with your existing clients. Even satisfied and loyal clients can stop doing business with a company especially if new management is brought into the firm or if their own profitability gets soft. You should never stop your business development initiatives because you “have enough business.” Business can be lost at the drop of a hat and if your pipeline isn’t full, replacing the loss might be difficult.

Make wowing your clients integral to how you run / work in your company

It takes much more time and money to win new clients than it takes to retain and grow your existing ones. Client churn will eat away at your profitability therefore client retention tactics should be an integral part of your business operations.

Mine the gold in your existing client database

It’s great to work with your clients, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be even better if you were able to work with them on additional projects as well? Many companies consistently leave business on the table and neglect to cross and upsell their existing clients. Remember that your fastest return on investment comes right from the clients with whom you are already doing business. And if that isn’t enough incentive to start “mining,” when you leave business undone there is always a possibility that one of your competitors will step in, take on this work and seize some of the work that you’re doing as well.

Make everyone a sales rep

Sure you might have a sales department but there is no reason why other employees cannot get into sales as well. Develop a “sales culture” and train employees to recognize opportunities for the company.  Even though it may not be their main area of responsibility they should be rewarded for any business lead that they uncover and which turns into revenue.

And while it is absolutely true that some people are not “natural born” salespeople everyone should be client focused. From the receptionist that creates the first impression to the accounts receivable employee that helps a client track their payment, everyone in every department should consider themselves to be “in sales.”