Wow, wouldn’t it be fabulous if our clients said these four little magic words, “cost is no object.”

Repeat after me…cost is no object.

There, now that you’ve said these words it’s also important to understand that you might not hear ever hear them being uttered by a client!

For (most) clients, cost is ALWAYS an issue. Sure you might try to convince them that they are making an “investment” but really, they’ll always come back to you with what does it cost!

But that’s okay. Really it is, because you should always have options and solutions for clients at all ends of the price “spectrum.” Once you satisfy them and give them what they want, they’ll come back and may even be interested in some of your higher-end alternatives.

And if not, that’s okay as well because they’re coming back and the lifetime value of a customer makes up for the lower price point for each of their orders.

And what if you can’t satisfy them at their desired price point, well, that’s okay too. It’s impossible to satisfy 100% of your clients (or prospects) 100% of the time.

Maybe it would be more accurate to say “cost is always an object!”