The longer that I am in business the more apparent it is to me that good listening skills, no make that EXCELLENT listening skills, is one of the most important qualities anyone in any business or profession can have.


Seems simple doesn’t it but we all know that it isn’t. We know people that “seemingly” listen to us and then either ask us to repeat ourselves or ask a question or make a statement that clearly reveals that they weren’t listening at all.

You see listening and hearing isn’t the same thing.

Hearing is involuntary. Just as long as you don’t have any physical challenges, you can’t NOT hear.

But listening; ah, that’s an entirely different thing.

You see listening means that you are taking in the words that are being communicated and assimilating the message, building an opinion or response and reacting to what you have heard.

You hear involuntarily but CHOOSE to ignore.

We all have clients, friends and family members that can definitely hear but do not listen. They tune out and ignore, sometimes consciously and sometimes not.

At the end of a long day when I have worked as hard as I possibly can, I know that I don’t want to repeat myself unnecessarily. I don’t want to be ignored.

I want you to listen.

So maybe it’s not can ya hear me now but rather can ya listen to me now?