Okay the holidays are over. Gifts received…and some returned.  Cards exchanged and good wishes shared by phone, email and text.  Yes, the New Year has begun.

The slate is wiped clean and starting on January 1st, it feels as if client relationships can be more easily improved, bad feelings wiped away, vendor and employee relationships enhanced and an overall air of optimism prevails.

But is that all it takes….a simple turning of the page on the calendar?

Of course not.  (!f only it were that easy!)

All of those improvements and enhancements take some effort and all too often, our show of appreciation and thanks is left to end of the year acknowledgements.

But imagine what could happen if they happened ALL YEAR, if they became, in fact, part of the DNA of your company.

So think about it and start planning your 2014 year-round recognition and appreciation program.

Appreciation is an ongoing activity; don’t limit your acknowledgement to holiday time.