I think that we can all agree that saying thank you is an important component in business. You send a thank you, it’s received and sometimes acknowledged and then the business beat goes on. Back to business as usual and the daily grind and that thank you, well I’m sorry to say that the memory of it shortly disappears.

That may be fine for many of the thank you missives that we send out but there are circumstances in which more frequent thank you touch points might be more beneficial.

For instance consider increasing the frequency for:

  • Clients that are loyal and have the potential to provide ongoing and profitable work
  • Referral sources that continue to make substantive introductions
  • Networking contacts and prospects that you wish to cultivate

Regular touch points (yes monthly) can provide some great value. The repetition:

  • Ensures that you remain visible and “on the grid”
  • Reinforces your brand
  • Communicates your ongoing appreciation and recognition of their importance

Ongoing marketing programs can have much more impact than a one-time thank you especially if you get creative (and we can certainly help you with that).

And if budget is on your mind we can be very cost effective. With this type of program it’s not about the expense of each item but the value that the recognition can bring.

For instance, how about a campaign that is tied to the seasons or holidays? You can customize each item with your logo and “delight” the recipients with every thank you:

June: Frisbee

July:  Inflatable Beach Ball

August:  Kite

September:  (Back to school) Pen

October:  something for Halloween

November:  something for Thanksgiving

And so on!

Remember that the monthly thank you touch point program is not for everyone in your database but should be reserved for a special category of contacts for which a monthly contact would potentially generate an attractive ROI.

So say thanks and say it frequently. You’ll be glad that you did.

(And don’t forget that Family Affair Distributing can help you every step of the way. Give us a call and let’s discuss.)