• It’s so difficult to get good employees.
  • My employees always seem to run out of steam before the work is done.
  • I wouldn’t hire him again. He’s not a very good employee.

Have you ever said these words?

Take a good look around your office. Do your employees bolt for the door at 5PM? Is there a sense of disengagement and are your employees all rowing in opposite directions? Ask yourself if your employees smile and have fun at work?

With the high cost of recruiting, hiring and training new employees it makes good business sense to do everything that you can possibly do to keep your employees focused and motivated.

Here are some factors for you to consider that can help you have a more motivated workforce:

Evaluate your interoffice communication. Do your employees feel like they are “in the loop” or are they caught unawares when major events occur in the office? Does your staff know “what’s going on?”

Sometimes all it takes is an “atta boy or atta girl” to make an employee feel important. Being recognized and appreciated are core human needs and when your staff is working hard and not receiving any recognition you can be assured that they will soon become disenchanted and stop putting in the effort.

Politeness counts
Please and thank you go a long way. Demonstrating politeness and courtesy in your daily interactions helps to ensure that employees treat each other with the same show of politeness and respect.

Time off
Regardless of how much your employees enjoy their jobs and find the work fulfilling it is also motivating for them to have time off to enjoy their friends, family and other pursuits that add meaning to their lives. Smart companies create an infrastructure where employees can take time off to pursue hobbies and other passions. These firms understand that cross training employees provides for this desired flexibility and they make it a point to offer this benefit to their staff.

Medical benefits are usually at the top of the list but there are also other benefits that creative and motivated employers can offer to their employees. Flextime, assistance with childcare and elder care, tuition reimbursement and more should be explored and offered to the staff.  (It’s always good to survey the employees to learn what they would like to see included in their benefits package.)

Let’s not forget that while it is important to work hard it is also important to have fun. Establish routines, activities and a fun environment that encourages your employees to engage with one another and develop a sense of teamwork. Don’t forget that happy employees are more productive and loyal to your company.

(I’d be happy to discuss how you can use promotional products for employee recognition and engagement. Give me a call and let me make some suggestions!)