I’ve run Family Affair Distributing for a long time and in good times and in times that are not-so-good too, there are some business basics that are fundamental to how we interact with our clients and do our business.  Here are just a few:

Do the right thing. Sounds pretty self-evident, doesn’t it but you know, sometimes doing the right thing can be a bit difficult. You can’t deliver the client’s order on time and so you “eat” the cost of delivery or perhaps the product didn’t turn out exactly how the client wished and although it was no one’s “fault,” you offered them a discount on the order.  The right thing…the thing that will help you to retain the client!

Don’t speak poorly of the competition, your vendors or, well, pretty much anyone with whom you are working. In this age of social media keeping things to ourselves has seemingly gone out of vogue but really, flaming people and companies in public is simply in poor taste and I don’t want to damage my own reputation by being the big mouth that blasted someone publically.

Keep innovating.  It’s a fact, you can’t expect to retain and grow your business if you don’t change and innovate and this is true even for companies that are service oriented and not in the tech space or manufacturing. Take a look at your service and what you deliver to your clients.  How can you re-invent and add more value? What components can you add that will help you to stay competitive?

And of course there are more but I’d love to hear from you. What tenets are fundamental to your business?