I know she’ll get here in time. She’s very reliable.

Don’t worry about it. They’re very dependable. 

They’ll be open. You can count on them.

The definition of “dependable” is trustworthy and reliable and it’s a quality that is highly respected and admired, especially now, when most everyone is working harder than ever before and juggling the incessant demands of work and personal responsibilities. We don’t have the time to “micro-manage” and keep asking if something has been done or to even check on progress. We want to be secure that things will be done right the first time; heck yes, we want dependability. 

Being dependable is a very positive attribute to have as an integral part of your personal brand. Are you dependable; does the following sound like you?

Do what you say you are going to do

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? You say that you are going to do something and so you get on it. No questions or excuses; you just do it. But it doesn’t always happen that way. Many people say that they are going to do something only to quickly drop the ball. Employees say that they’re going to take care of something, youngsters say they’re going to do their homework, volunteers on a committee say they’re going to handle a situation and in all of these examples, what was promised was never done. When it happens once it can be looked at as a deviation from “usual” behavior but if it happens two or three times you can be certain that it is now looked upon as an intrinsic part of your behavior, and not a good part either.

Be proactive and if you can’t do something alert the individual/s that need to know

Let’s face it. Sometimes you make a commitment to do something and even with your very best efforts it just isn’t going to happen. It’s not a matter of your dependability but truly something that is completely out of your control but it is the way that you handle it that makes you either a dependable or undependable person. Dependable people will alert the other people that are involved about the situation and give them as much advance notice as possible; undependable people will simply wait until they find out on their own.

Be comfortable saying “no”

It’s a far better strategy to say no to something rather than saying yes and not fulfilling on your commitment. People remember the outcome and if they are left “holding the bag” you can be certain that your reputation as someone that is reliable and trustworthy will be tarnished and the relationship damaged perhaps forever.

A warning:  If you ARE a very dependable person be careful to not get taken advantage of by those that have come to rely on your trustworthiness. Being reliable is a great quality to have but one that can get you into trouble too.